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Before your next purchase, be it a big investment or minor indulgence, you want to make sure you're getting the best product out there at the best price. But thoroughly researched, unbiased reviews are hard to come by. That is why Consumer Reports has been a mainstay in buying guides since 1936, keeping readers informed on the best products, from cars to tools and appliances. Each issue offers useful and detailed reviews that are broken down into dozens of categories, such as electronics, home and yard, fitness and cars. Sections are then further broken down into subcategories, such as "best in fuel economy" for cars, or "best TV brands" for electronics. Consumer Reports offers vital tips and information that make it easier to navigate the vast market and find the product you're looking for.
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What Others Have to Say About Consumer Reports

No Paid Advertising - Refreshing
This magazine evaluates thousands of products including new and used cars without advertising and without the biases that go hand in hand with accepting advertising. Before one buy ...

Consumer Reports Rates Products By Quality, Not Name
I have subscribed to Consumer Reports before. And I plan to again. The reason is, I have tested myself a lot of the products they rate and have found them to be very accurate in th ...

Somewhat Useful
A friend of mine once remarked that CR seesm like a great magazine "until they write about something you actually know a bit about..." and that's the problem with CR. The ...

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