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Cook's Illustrated is the must-have cooking magazine for the passionate and dedicated chef. It is a bimonthly American publication that has been characterized by thorough evaluations, testing, and instructions on everything food since 1993. Cook's Illustrated is extremely unique in the fact that it accepts absolutely no advertising, therefore offering its readers cover-to-cover pages of expertise. There are approximately ten recipes in each issue, of which each one is extensively discussed by the author. Cook's Illustrated is also well-known and appreciated for their use of unconventional ingredients and unique techniques, which ensures that your dish will always have a little something special to it. Each issue of the cooking magazine includes a complete taste-test on different brands of different kinds of ingredients, and a product test on kitchen tools such as utensils and baking dishes. Most issues also have general food articles that include information on suggested cooking methods and specific tips that will guarantee an overall greater quality in your home-cooking.
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What Others Have to Say About Cook's Illustrated

The Perfect Magazine
Cook's Illustrated is not only the best cooking magazine, it is the best magazine I've ever read. If I could only subscribe to one magazine (a frightening thought to this magazine ...

From Unconfident Cook to Fantastic Chef
I've always been a serious foodie all my life.  Loving the way food looked & tasted, but hating spending time in the kitchen.  Mainly because any attempt I made at cr ...

Instructive but maddening magazine for cooks
Cook's Illustrated takes a somewhat Consumer Reports-like approach to cooking, in which a "best" recipe for a dish is the goal, in a manner that recalls that other magazine's goal ...

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