Dog Fancy

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If your dog is a focal point in your life, then Dog Fancy is the magazine that can help you achieve a greater appreciation for that lovable pet. Great tips on grooming and health care, plus regular features about dog lovers and breeders, and, of course, the dogs themselves, give Dog Fancy a warm, lovable read, just like the pets the magazine covers.

Unfortunately, this magazine is currently not available.

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Italian Greyhound
I purchase Dog Fancy for numerous reasons. The articles written are fabulous. Often they give the reader a greater knowledge of dog issues. Dog Fancy is a great way to seek infor ...

Dog Fancy is great for every pet owner whether they compete in events or stay on the couch.
I have subscribed to Dog Fancy Magazine for at least ten years and I've found it very information for every pet owner. I publish a newsletter for the local Doberman Pinscher club ...

A Monument to Materialistic Pet Ownership
I don't see myself as a "pet owner." I don't "own" Katie and Sarah - I'm more like a parent to them.I've been subscribed to Dog Fancy for about a year, and my s ...