Fit Pregnancy

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There is nothing more important to a couple expecting a new baby than the issues of health. Fit Pregnancy is the only magazine dedicated to the health and fitness of the pregnant and postpartum woman and her newborn before, during and after pregnancy. Issues deliver safe workouts, nutrition guidance, meal plans, the latest medical news and reviews of new baby gear. The whole nine yards for the whole nine months.

Unfortunately, this magazine is currently not available.

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To be Fit and Pregnant
I have always exercised and wanted to keep it up when I became pregnant. I never heard of the magazine prior my pregnancy but, I actually saw it in the gym I was going to. I was ...

Awesome magazine for expectant moms!
This mag was a godsend through my pregnancy and I still read it. It gave me lots of informative articles and advice on all the different things I was going through. I saved the mag ...

Fit and Pregnant- An oxymoron
How can someone be fit and pregnant? Okay, I know a few of us that strive to be fit... but really, the models on the pages make me want to sit down on the couch and watch TV. I w ...