Hobby Farms

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Hobby Farms is edited for all rural enthusiasts. It speaks to small farmers working for their livelihood, part-time pocket farmers trying to make a profit and hobby farmers who just enjoy the lifestyle outside of their day jobs. Each issue features new products, tips, tools of the trade, and more!

Unfortunately, this magazine is currently not available.

What Others Have to Say About Hobby Farms

Great down-to-Earth magazine
Although we've only received a few issues, they have been great! It covers a lot of topics (although most are only briefly touched upon--wish some went more in-depth) and is never ...

Hobby Farms
Love the magazine. It has lots of good articles that are interesting to me. It helps me have a little country in the city.

I'd rather have a bag of manure
I subscribed to Hobby Farm and after reading two issues I cancelled it. I read an article in the March/April issue about show birds. Then, I got my May/June issue. Don Schrider, t ...