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Founded in 1952, Mad is a humor magazine that has had its dedicated readers laughing for over 50 years. This publication is the leading of its kind in offering satirical content on all aspects of the American public, in areas such as popular culture, entertainment, prominent figures, and politics. You can recognize Mad by its fictional mascot, Alfred E. Neuman, which is most often the central image of the magazine's cover page. Every issue is formatted into several reappearing departments that include hysterical TV and movie parodies, as well as unforgettable freeform-written articles. Now published in color and in over 20 countries, Mad magazine has also extended its brand into different media including stage shows, board games, and television. Graydon Carter, a revered American journalist and author, has described Mad magazine as "ever ready to pounce on the illogical, hypocritical, self-serious and ludicrous."
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MAD: Hilariously funny
I bought this magazine because my best friend had it when I went to his house and I started reading it and I almost fell out of the chair I was in. This magazine is hilariously fu ...

Totally Mad, CD Version, Buy It NOW
This is a seven-CD set of every issue of Mad Magazine from the EC comic book format of 1952 through 1998, put out by Broderbund. I'm writing this review here because I can't find ...

Alfred E. Neuman rises again!
I buy this magazine for my fourteen year old son. Then, when he is not looking, I read it too. It reminds me of an innocent time gone by, a time of National Lampoon and Mother Jo ...

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