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It started in France, but Marie Claire is for the fashion-conscious modern American woman interested in style, beauty, entertaining, relationships, careers, health and issues that concern women right now. From celebrities and practical shopping tips to investigative reports about sex, domestic violence and the plight of Afghani women, this magazine is both beautiful and smart.Marie Claire is more than a pretty face. It is the fashion magazine with character, substance, and depth, for women with a point of view, an opinion, and a sense of humor.Marie Claire leads with fashion and beauty editorial that stands apart by providing both inspiration and access. Our signature features connect with women on an emotional level as each issue speaks to the ideas, thoughts, dreams, philosophies, and aspirations of a reader who is never afraid to make intelligence a part of her wardrobe.Marie Claire is a culturally relevant experience that touches women beyond the newsstand. Readers shop with us, get dressed with us, laugh with us, vote with us, protest with us, volunteer with us, donate with us, explore with us, and grow with us. We understand that our readers are more than any label or stereotype could place on them, and celebrate that every reader is more than a pretty face.
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What Others Have to Say About Marie Claire

So Close to Perfection!!!
Woe be to women seeking fulfillment in women's magazines. According to most women's magazines, women have an obligation not only please men, their family (particularly their mothe ...

Marie has a bit of a brain
This is another rag in the "shameless indulgence" category -- like all women's magazines, Marie Claire is a lot of fashion, sex, random horniness, horoscopes and make-up. ...

So Close To Being The Magazine It Should Be
Marie Claire is a fashion magazine aimed at the 25-39 year old female. If at one time, you were a big fan of Cosmopolitan but now, you've figured out how idiotic it is, most lik ...

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