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America's great midwest comes alive for you in every issue of Midwest Living, the top publication covering the life and times of the midwest. Want to know what to do on your trip to Chicago? Passing through the Cleveland area? Let Midwest Living be your guide. It's all here: travel destinations, restaurant reviews, regional events and profiles of the people that make the midwest so special and unique.
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What Others Have to Say About Midwest Living

You don't have to live in the Midwest!
Being a resident of the midwest region of our country is not a necessary criteria for enjoying this magazine. While my family originates from the midwest, and we visit occasionally ...

Missing the Midwest
As a native of the Midwest, I find living in Pennsylvania to be a little bit of an adjustment. Midwest Living keeps me informed of all the events should we travel that way (which w ...

font of knowledge
For Midwesterners, this gives us the feeling that we are more than fly over and gives us tips about great places to go, good places to shop, great places to eat, it's just a fun ma ...

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