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Older women who can't relate to most young-and-trendy fashion and lifestyle magazines now have a publication that speaks to their concerns about health, beauty, relationships, finances, travel and looking good over 40. More, which is owned by the well-established Ladies' Home Journal, will help you make the most of your middle years with style.
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More for Me (and I'm under 40)
As the undisputed magazine queen of New York City (seriously,I buy a lot of magazines), I'm always on the lookout forintelligent, appealing mags to add to my train-time collection. ...

An excellent magazine!
I subscribed to this magazine right after I read the first issue. If you are over 40, MORE will totally thrill you. In this youth-oriented culture that we live in, it's wonderful ...

I keep hoping, giving it a second and third chance
Some day, a wise and respectful publisher will come along who really believes that (real) women over 50 look beautiful, just as we are. So far, most women's magazines are STILL tel ...

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