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Mother Earth News is a bimonthly magazine that was founded on a barely-there budget in 1970, by a couple who was determined to send their message to the country. In the 100+ page issues of this American publication, the ever-growing number of environmental problems is addressed. And more importantly, Mother Earth News discusses the most effective and realistic ways to approach these concerns in a down-to-earth and practical manner. The content of this magazine is dedicated to inspiring a movement for a greener, more sustainable atmosphere. Mother Earth News is a lifestyle magazine that gives readers tips and information on subjects such as home improvement, organic gardening, family farms, natural cooking, and how to do more with less. This publication has been and continues to be a leader in the promotion of life-altering behaviors and practices such as renewable energy, recycling, agricultural practices, self-sufficient medical care, and outdoor recreation. Better yourself, your family, and the earth with Mother Earth News.

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Great wisdom in it
Mother Earth news is like an old timer, one try to learn all it has to teach us. And this old timer has so much to give for such a great price it is incredible. In this magazine yo ...

Concern or commercialism?
I began subscribing to Mother Earth News about a year ago, mostly out of curiosity. The general content of the magazine is factual and informative, although many of the proposals p ...