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Kids don't come with instructions, which is one reason why more than 12 million parents turn to Parents Magazine for advice and support from doctors, educators and other parents. You'll find everything moms and dads need to know to raise kids today, plus coping strategies, ideas for family activities and vacations, and more, in this essential parental guidebook.
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Parents Magazine...a Great choice
Until recently, I had only purchased Parents Magazine occasionally at the grocery store. But, now that a pregnancy has kept me bed bound, I have really become hooked to Parents ...

A How To Manual for Parents
I must admit I rarely buy magazines, I usually only glance at them . When I was pregnant with my first child many moons ago I came across the "Parents" magazine while wa ...

Mom's advice with a price tag attached...
When my son was born, I wanted to be the perfect parent. I was not sure how to accomplish this goal, so I stocked up on all the 'in' parenting magazines. I just knew that from this ...

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