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Features on Scanner Monitoring of Police, Fire, Utility and Aircraft Transmissions, Short Wave Listening, Monitoring Short Wave Digital, Fax and Teletype Broadcasts, CB Radio, Alternative Radio, Clandestine, Radio, Telephones and Wiretapping.

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best radio communications magazine out there
my title says it all, "best radio communications magazine out there." Whether you listen to scanners, ham radio, frs, or even cbs, this magazine covers it all.

Great For The Serious Monitor.
I have read this magazine since 1993, and it really generated a high voltage spark to my shortwave interest. These contributors for the frequency guides are a huge requirement. And ...

It's All About Radio...
To put it simply, Pop'Comm covers every aspect of the Radio Hobby -- Ham Radio, Scanner Monitoring, Shortwave Radio Broadcasting, Shortwave Utilities, Military, AM & FM Broadcastin ...