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To most teenage girls, Seventeen is as essential as the telephone and lip-gloss. With its up-to-the-minute advice on beauty, fashion, fitness, relationships, school and careers, it's vital reading. Each issue includes fiction, celebrity interviews, music, movie and TV coverage, plus topical issues of personal and global interest.
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What Others Have to Say About Seventeen

Fun Magazine
Seventeen magazine is a great magazine for ages 12 to 19. It has articles about movie stars, clothes, shoes, many styles, guys, dating, opinions, and embarrassing moments. The emba ...

Seventeen: ... From a Guy's Perspective
I'm probably the last person to write a review about Seventeen Magazine! Considering I'm a guy, its Guys Law to never pick up a teen magazine in any store or ever for that matter. ...

A Conflict of Interests
As a teen, I used to read Seventeen magazine all of the time. They are basically like a Cosmo Jr. While there are tons of interesting things to read about, they tend to focus more ...

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