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Do you want to keep up with the daily soaps even if you can't always watch them? Soap Opera Digest comes to the rescue. Plot and character synopses of every daytime and prime time serials let you keep abreast of the goings-on at General Hospital and elsewhere. Issues also feature late-breaking news, interviews, story previews and event coverage.

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Customer Reviews

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    soap digest

    yeh, i've been watching y+r for probably 30 years and have to know what's going on so i like the digest, it is pretty informative and glad i got it! i like to be a step ahead i guess, good price and i just have to go to my mailbox to get it!

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    Soap Opera Digest Subscription

    The magazine subscription went through at a very good rate with no problems at all.

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    I have been reading this magazine for many years. The info is up to date. Good soap magazine for true fans

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