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A digest of articles reprinted from more than 2,000 alternative and independent media sources, Utne Reader offers an interesting array of perspectives on social, environmental and political issues. Features, original essays and humor pieces explore a variety of topics, including gender, lifestyles, changing society and community affairs.

Unfortunately, this magazine is currently not available.

What Others Have to Say About Utne Reader

My favorite magazine, or at least close to it
I've been a subscriber of UR for about 12 years - most of the time since the mag. has been in print. As someone said, it's sort of a 'Reader's Digest for liberals', or possibly ano ...

For thinking people
UTNE is a publication we got hooked on back in late '89. We jokingly refer to it as the thinking readers Readers Digest, since the articles aren't "feel good" but are art ...

Too light
Utne takes on all the right issues, but doesn't deliver the kind of indepth reporting to make it matter. Most articles are short and too tidy. An interview with Alan Ball (creator ...