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Air & Space

Air & Space magazine offers articles, videos and photos on aviation and flight. Learn about aerospace achievements and the future of flight.
Unfortunately this magazine is not presently available.
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  1. A Benchmark to all magazines
    As I become cynical and impatient in my old age (wait! I'm only 29!) I find less and less in all of the media outlets to be intelligent or interesting. Air & Space is a shining exception to that rule. They cover the full range as I know it, from recreational to military, commercial, and space. They always have a refreshing mix of biography, technical articles, reviews of books and such, and some great photographs that make me wish the printing material were of a higher quality.
  2. Great magazine for the general reader and aerospace specialist
    I'm not the biggest aerospace junkie but I do go to air shows and watch the occasional airplane show on the Discovery channel. This magazine is full of information that will appeal to the general reader as well as those whose life revolves around what's in the sky. For instance in one issue we have an article on how the Me-262 has been rebuilt and how the Joint Strike fighter was saved. Saved due to hundreds of individual contributions that made the fighter light enough to meet the military specs. There are also articles that appeal to those in the aerospace industry.
    And since it's by the Smithsonian the pictures are nothing short of superb!
  3. The Right Stuff
    A good mix of technical, historical, and personal items without the repetition that plagues so many magazines.

    The Letters to the Editor are every bit as interesting as the articles.

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