Reviews For All About Beer Magazine

I Love Beer and I Love This Magazine

This magazine is not for the person who enjoys coors and has no idea what the difference is from a Pale Ale to a Hefeweisen. The magazine is very technical and is meant for the serious beer drinker / fan.

First of all the magazine is all about beer, with that being said some articles can feel redundent (interviews with brewers all sound alike) which is why the mag. only comes out every other month. I am not too big of a fan on the section that discusses beer in a specific town or region.

What I do like is the new beer releases, the ratings system, also the beer reviews where two experts give their opinions. I save each issue and take it to the liqour store to see which beers that are mentioned are available in my town. I have tried several outstanding beers based on the recommendations of All About Beer. They also do a great job introducing you to beer styles that you may not be familar with.

If you like beer as much as I do you will come to think of All About Beer as your own personal beer bible.

This is an outstanding magazine and recommended for anyone who appreciates Craft Beer.

All About Beer Magazine-July

Over-all superior beer magazine. 20 years! July Issue: Summer Grilling; 101 Must-Taste Beers. Great introductions to beer books. Also has listings of Brewery/Pub Openings. Everything for the beer lover/consumer, small/large homebrewers and importing companies!

Great Magazine, Terrible Covers

I really enjoy this magazine, but the covers are awful. Get these posing idiots off the cover. Maybe just show some bottles or glasses of beer or something.
**UPDATE** They changed the layout of the whole magazine including the cover. It looks very nice, so I wholeheartedly recommend it. Great beer reviews and articles about beer styles, cities, and history.

One of the best...

I gifted this item to my brother-in-law who makes his living in beer, and he greatly enjoys this magazine. Great for college students, beer aficionados, bar owners, and pretty much anyone else who loves or profits from beer.

Gift for the business owner

I purchased this for my dad who owns a liquor store.. There aren't many magazines that cater to the liquor business. This is a terrific magazine with new items every month. I definitely recommend this for a bar owner, liquor business, or if you just love beer!!

great magazine

dealing with theinner workings of the beer drinker and their culture.