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American Heritage

American Heritage explores and enriches your appreciation for our country's sometimes nostalgic, sometimes funny past and present. In the pages of this fascinating, award-winning magazine you'll find historical stories and photographs that spotlight all aspects of our heritage, including politics, business, the arts, culture, current and international affairs and travel. You'll get to read about our heros and scoundrels, our most noble impulses and occasionally our basest. This shows you how America got where it is and how it's getting to where it may be going.

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Customer Reviews

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    History unbound

    I fondly remember my first time - reading American Heritage.

    I fondly recall the first time that I read American Heritage magazine. I was in 5th grade and Mrs. Nettles had a massive collection of the old hard-bound Heritages.

    They were vivid descriptions of a time gone by. They seemed to be more in-depth than the textbooks which tried to cover the Mayflower through Watergate in less than 500 pages. They seemed to be vivid enough to create a museum exhibit for every article.

    I enjoyed the tour that I took of Mount Vernon and reading of Eleanor Roosevelt's travels. Special items that get lost in the static of history lessons come...

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    History, Boring? NAH!

    I've been an American Heritage reader for 8 or 10 years now, and there's a huge stack of back issues in the closet. I can't seem to throw them away when I'm done (and I read every issue straight through, starting on page one), but I'm always eager to turn over an issue I've just read to a friend or colleague that might find something interesting inside. And they always do. Just last week, I brought along a past issue to a friend's house, because it had a story about the history of the baseball glove and he's an avid baseball dude. He was thrilled with the article, and I may even have inspired him to order the magazine for himself!

    The best thing...

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    Learn about your heritage

    This magazine is really very interesting. It goes through history and teaches you all those things that your high school history teacher didn't have time for or didn't even know about.

    I really am interested in the Civil War era, so I particularly enjoy the articles involving that sort of thing. The latest issue dealt mostly with World War II. I learned a lot about that war that I hadn't previously known.

    I think it is great to learn about our heritage, and the articles are very interesting so it really isn't anything like being in school! Also, for those who like to travel, there are all sorts of ads for travel guides to areas around...

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