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American Legacy

American Legacy takes an insightful look into the heart of the African-American heritage by spotlighting cultural and historical achievements of African-Americans throughout history. Each issue features fascinating articles, first-hand accounts and unique historical perspectives about influential African-American movers and shakers who made a substantial impact on our times and culture. .
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  1. Excellent magazine
    What a shame this magazine isn't as well known and widely distributed as Essence or Ebony. Though the aforementioned magazines hold a prominent and respected place in the black magazine industry, the aptly-titled "American Legacy" showcases the rich, varied history of black Americans which often, is shunted to side due to obscure scholarship or its regional nature. All libraries and stores need to carry this magazine.
  2. the right kind of pride
    AMERICAN LEGACY is subtitled 'The magazine of African-American history and culture', a perfect tag line for a high-quality magazine that does not so much celebrate a shade of skin color as it does the achievement of African Americans throughout the course of American history.

    There is no shortage of material for such elevation of the best qualities of black Americans. The recent 'special music issue' in front of me surveys formative black influence on many musical genres, from opera to jazz. The cover story on Sammy Davis, Jr. is especially insightful. A confident editorial voice can show one of black America's leading entertainers without...
  3. History
    The possible awareness of a culture as many that have existed despite the challenges of disrespect.

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