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American Photo

American Photo is a bi-monthly publication all about creative photography. You'll read profiles about leaders in the photography industry and aspire to take pictures as fantastic as theirs! You'll look forward to every fantastic issue and each and every picture - all worth more than a thousand words.

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Customer Reviews

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    It's As if You're in a Museum

    I am a subscriber to various magazines, and one day I got a copy of American Photo in my mailbox. I don't recall requesting a copy, but it was sent to me on a trial basis. The cover featured model Heidi Klum, and when I opened up the magazine, I thought I stepped into a museum.

    The photos in this magazine are a sight to behold. What I love most about American Photo is it focuses on the art of photography and offers many great images. There aren't that many articles on all the technical points of photography, and that's what I like about this magazine. You get to focus your attention on the actual images and a photographer is always profiled in...

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    Unique, I wish it was a monthly

    I have two criticisms for American Photo. First, I wish it was a monthly. Six issues a year is too few. Second, I wish it had more pages in each issue. Fortunately, even though I wish it had more pages, the ad-line is relatively low. This is not a magazine that one buys for the ads.

    The reason I love this magazine is that it focuses (no pun intended) on the photographic image, not equipment. You are as likely (if not more likely) to find a review of a photographic exhibit as a camera or lens.

    The selection of photographs is incredible, bold and innovative. Each issue features a portfolio of famous (or soon-to-be-famous) photographer, a model,...

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    All I Wanted to Know and More

    I first read American Photo about six months ago and believe me it's one of the most informative photography magazines on the market. I work for a photography studio and wanted to take up photography as a hobby. One of the photographers turned me on to American Photo. It suggested the type of equipment a beginner should use and all about lighting, metering and aperture. It gave me basic little techniques to use that has helped more work improve. It suggests great little hints on how to get the perfect picture. It shows all kind of pictures from beginners to professionals. If you like taking pictures and want to learn a little more the articles, the...

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