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Asimovs Science Fiction

If science fiction gives your active imagination a desired lift, then you've certainly heard of the talented Isaac Asimov. So, you'll want to check out Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine. In this publication, you'll find the best in all new science fiction.

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Customer Reviews

    • Rating
    Top of the Line

    Superlatives are hard to apply in a market as fractured as science fiction. Is "Hard" SF better than "Soft"? What about "Space Opera"? And what importance is placed on exacting scientific accuracy? Therefore, it's impossible to pin down a single magazine as the "best" in the field.

    However, for fans of character-driven and sociological science fiction, "Asimov's" must surely be the top of the line. Through the years it has enjoyed a number of skillful and discriminating editors, and has fostered the editorial careers of professionals who now edit other genre magazines. This title has been lavished with awards, including the Hugo and the Nebula, for both...

    • Rating
    Some of the best science fiction shorts out there

    Regular readers of my reviews are probably getting sick of me mentioning Kage Baker, but I have to credit her for getting me to try a lot of things that I wouldn't normally try if she hadn't been a part of them. Asimov's Science Fiction magazine is another time where this is the case. While I have bought Fantasy & Science Fiction magazine every month for a while now, I would also check Asimov's to see if it had a Baker story. If it did, I would buy it. What I have found, however, is that I have enjoyed most of the other stories in the issues I have bought as well. Thus, from now on I will be buying it every month too.

    Much like Fantasy & Science...

    • Rating
    The best SF is published right here

    This is the magazine for the best stories on the market today. A typical Hugo or Nebula awards list usually has several items from Asimov's (although not this year, they're all from sister publication Analog!) Asimov's tends toward "softer" SF than Analog and some stories are more literary or experimental. But I say this in praise, as most of these stories are well worth the effort. Some really do take you to alien places or senses with their language and structure as well as plot (I'm thinking of some of Charles Stross' new entries).

    Asimov's is less predictable than Analog as well; other than editor Robert Silverberg's editorial, there are...

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