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Look forward to studying the starry night sky? Revel in seeing if you can locate and connect the Big Dipper and the brightest North star? If you're a star gazing enthusiast, you'll love Astronomy. You'll learn more about exploring the universe in your own backyard with the most popular amateur astronomy magazine.

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    Excellent Magazine!

    By far, this is my all-time favorite astronomy magazine, and its companion website is a fantastic, useful, up-to-date resource. This magazine has fantastic photos and illustrations. Its plethora of articles are well-written and diverse---from simple star-gazing techniques, to amateur astronomy, to serious astro-imaging, to NASA's greatest projects, to cosmic oddities like Wolf-Rayet stars. Occasionally, readers are treated to some astro-history or other stories relating astronomy to other topics such a mythology, history, philosophy, literature, biology, archaeology, current events, etc. [Review Update June 4, 2008: As an example of this last statement,...

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    How Do I Know Which Magazine To Buy?

    So, you are interested in astronomy and ready to pick up a subsciption to an astronomy magazine, but are not sure which magazine to purchase? First let me say, "Good for you!" I never go a month without a magazine. It is difficult to keep up to date with the night sky without a monthly guide.

    But you are probably trying to decide whether to read "Astronomy" magazine or "Sky & Telescope". These are the two big North American competitors. The good news is, you won't go wrong. Both are excellent magazines and both are of similar quality, size, and usefullness. I regularly read both of them. The difference is a matter of subtle leaning. Astronomy...

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