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Auto Restorer

Auto Restorer provides great information on how to restore old cars and keep them looking brand new. They are a great guide for those who want to show their cars. They provide in-depth and how-to articles that keep cars looking great.

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Customer Reviews

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    A Resource Gold Mine For Restorers

    Hands down, this is the best publication I've seen for those of us who get our hands dirty and do most of our own work. I can't count the number of times I've referred to my "archive" of back issues to get information I needed to bail me out of a fix. If you like doing your own work, then this is the publication you want to have in your shop. You should consider this publication as mandatory reading.

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    Vehicle Restoration Advice

    If you are a old vehicle owner or are restoring an antique vehicle you need to subscribe to this magazine. It is a store house of how to's, tips, and recommendations from experienced people in the hobby. It covers both cars and trucks of all ages.

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    Well worth the cost...

    If you restore cars as a hobby, this is the publication for you. The tech is great and many web sites for hard to find parts are mentioned.

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