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How much for Mickey Mantle's rookie card? Sandy Koufax? What about Carlton Fisk, now that he's in the Hall of Fame? Beckett Baseball Card Monthly covers the superstars of baseball and baseball card collecting. Insightful articles, great action photographs, tips on card collecting and a readers' forum. Plus, the hobby's best Price Guide for baseball cards.

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    The Art of Reviewing Art

    I love this magazine!!! As if it isn't hard enough to find anyone out there with a good appreciation of independent film (and by appreciation, I also mean knowledge), but then you have to deal with all these film nerds who think that if it wasn't done on a shoestring budget by a no-name director, it must be bad.
    FILMMAKER does an excellent job of giving an overview of the world of independent film, while still providing good discussions of some more mainstream films. It's tough, when reviewing and writing criticism of any art form, to know what to discuss, and I think that FILMMAKER does this.

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