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Chicago Magazine

This guide to the “windy city” gives both resourceful residents and curious visitors the best in entertainment, dining, theater, and culture needed to make the most out of in and around Chicago. Includes fascinating, in-depth articles about the people who make Chicago happen, useful real estate features, health, education and stunning photography.

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Customer Reviews

    • Rating
    interesting magazine

    The Chicago magazine has a lot of interesting topics that evolve around Chicago. There was one article that was really interesting, it was the Education edition, where they listed all the schools in the area, and compared the teachers salaries, how good the school was, and how much they spend on a student. Chicago, had a house edition, and a restaurant edition. Most of the magazine has ads in it, and it's sometimes pricey on the magazine rack.

    • Rating
    An O.K. Magazine

    This Chicago magazine subscription was a christmas present. The magazine is o.k., but usually ends up in the garbage. There are too many ads and not enough information on the "real" chicago. I do like some of their articles, but again, usually, it ends up in the garbage.

    • Rating
    Like New York Magazine, not the New Yorker

    Like so many magazines that have decided to pursue the relatively affluent core of their subscription, Chicago magazine is great if you want to read a magazine to figure out what to buy. It's got lots of articles that are relevant to you if you're upwardly mobile, either live in the suburbs or have a car to get there, and are interested in the latest trends in entertainment and shopping.
    That said, it's just not what I look for in a magazine. I've read many issues and while the writing is pretty good, I've never found an article that I thought was worth saving, or even much that told me something I didn't know about Chicago, and I've only lived here...

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