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The Christian Century is considered the journal of record for American Protestants. For over 100 years, The Christian Century has published articles by the most respected theologians and church leaders.

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Customer Reviews

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    great new addition to travel mags

    Lots of fun stuff in this one...definately trends towards younger, upscale women, but interesting ideas not only on travel, but also music and lifestyle things.

    • Rating
    Too silly

    This magazine is for women with too much time and too much money on their hands to know what to do with it. I thought it would be a good way to see the world from an armchair (and to at least think about going to those places). It is just a waste of money as it is one big advert.

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    Not for seasoned travellers

    After an entire year of this magazine, I continue to be disappointed by each issue. Each magazine is quite thin, the trip locations and travel tips are very basic and geared towards people who actually don't travel much - they are non-adventurous and the ideas are as simple as any recommendations you'd find for free in an online search. I travel often for business and I find the airline magazine tips more useful than what I find in Travel Girl. The target reader appears to be 50+ women that didn't travel much beyond the continential US during their sub-50s.w

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