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A magazine of quality for intelligent young adults and teens aged 14 and up, this magazine features a diverse perspective of high quality fiction and poetry dealing with issues important to this age group, as they transition from childhood to adulthood. Cicada also provides a sounding board by encouraging – and publishing – submissions from its readers.

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Customer Reviews

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    good mag

    you can even submit your own stories into this richly unique tapestry of stories. At thirteen, I was published in it, and they pay very well. The subject matter suggests itself for more mature kids, I started reading it at twelve, and I love it.

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    Good for kids to whom Cricket is gotten old hat

    This is a preteen/early teen mag. Lots of good writing. Well edited, has some tough stuff as written by kids themselves. It's a good magazine and is argued over for the first reading.

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    Cicada magazine

    We gave this magazine as a gift to our granddaughter who will soon be 14. Our Library director recommended this magazine as suitable for gifted children who enjoy poetry. Our granddaughter writes her own poetry. She likes Cicada so much she asked us to renew it.

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