Reviews For Consumer Reports On Health Magazine

Amazing reading - on par with Consumers Report

Nowhere more than in the US is this kind of publication desperately needed - what with all the doublespeak, pseudo-science and borderline-illegal/unethical claims being made in advertising, advertorials, product placements etc.

For me, I almost feel like I'm working on even footing against the marketing of health-related products by subscribing to this report. Without it, I'm lost at sea.

Great Overview for Good Health

As someone who is not a registered dietician, but who values good health, I have found this magazine to provide great, up-to-date information. I have given it as a gift a number of times, because I have found it to add quality to my life, and hope that it will to others' as well!

Solid Unbiased Information, Advice, and Reference Studies

I'm in my mid thirties and reading this magazine, I have to admit, makes me feel old. I'm not sure if it's because the content is targeted to older readers, or if it's presented in a dour manner. Consumer Reports knows how to publish unbiased facts, and this publication lives up to that reputation - but combining cold hard facts and personal health is, I don't know, worrisome. I can't say that I get excited about reading this magazine, but I'll continue to subscribe to it so that my wife and I, as well as our older parents can benefit from the many valuable articles and studies. The primary weakness of this magazine is the diminutive amount of content. The magazine is much shorter than other Consumer Reports publications, but priced similarly. It takes me less than 30 minutes to read it cover-to-cover each month.

Good information without the hype

Good information and I don't have to dodge the PR in so many other magazines of this ilk. It contains news and information that is useful right away.