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Consumer Reports

Before your next purchase, be it a big investment or minor indulgence, you want to make sure you're getting the best product out there at the best price. But thoroughly researched, unbiased reviews are hard to come by. That is why Consumer Reports has been a mainstay in buying guides since 1936, keeping readers informed on the best products, from cars to tools and appliances. Each issue offers useful and detailed reviews that are broken down into dozens of categories, such as electronics, home and yard, fitness and cars. Sections are then further broken down into subcategories, such as "best in fuel economy" for cars, or "best TV brands" for electronics. Consumer Reports offers vital tips and information that make it easier to navigate the vast market and find the product you're looking for.

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Customer Reviews

    • Rating

    Consumer Reports is very informative. They test out different products and write up a review about them, the cool thing is they care about quality and not the brand name. I'd suggest this magazine if you frequently buy things and need to have a guide to inform you which product is the best. Sometimes the issues are filled with stuff that might not interest you, but don't give up because each month is different and overall its a very helpful magazine. This is one of those magazines where I keep the issues for a few months to refer back to when I am ready to make a purchase.

    • Rating

    The kids and I got the suscription for my husband for Christmas last year. We both love it. I usually get the mail and most of the time read it first. The reveiws are great and easy to read. It's wonderful even if you don't plan on buying any big ticket items in the near future. We've used it for other people in our family that did need to purchase vaccume cleaners and the like. Wonderful. Excellent. I renewed.

    • Rating
    Bottom line: worth the money

    I've been a subscriber for about five years now. A couple of times, I've considered not renewing. Then I'll get an issue that seems to make the entire year's subscription worth it. Stuff like washing machines, new cars, computer monitors, even sunscreen. At a minimum, these truly independent reviews (the organization is non-profit and the magazine is ad-free) focus you on the pivotal issues regarding each product and provide questions to ask in making your purchase. At its best, it pretty much does your screening for you and all that's left for you to do is choose between 2 or 3 brands. I also have to admit I get a good chuckle out of the last page, where...

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