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Creative Woodworks & Crafts

Creative Woodworks & Crafts magazine is the best source available for original scroll saw and intarsia patterns, as well as many other kinds.
Unfortunately this magazine is not presently available.
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  1. The Greatest Journal Ever!
    Actually, I'm not kidding or overstating my assessment. This is a journal where Western Civilization is defended and glorified ten times a year. So often we hear the phrase "the best and the brightest" but there can be no denying that this absolutely applies to the crew of The New Criterion.
    There is no finer mind in America than Roger Kimball's, and, for those of you who are unfamiliar with his books, I'm sure you'll find yourself agreeing with my observation half way through his treatise on the sixties called "The Long March." I like to consider TNC as covering every area of the artistic continuum as it allows novices like myself...
  2. I wonder if I can be a life member like w/ the NRA ?
    If you enjoy politics, TV, museums, art & all the gifts of
    the enlightenment, the open society, and the liberty we generally take for granted, spare no expense & get this mag. 10 issues
    per year (off jul/aug). The -oh so sophisticated- people
    who run the universities, blather on networks and scribble away their days not always get it right. Why & how ? Well... I really can't
    wait for the first week of the month when a new issue shows up.
  3. An oasis in the cultural desert
    I've subscribed to The New Criterion for three years. I don't remember how I found out about it, but it has given me more insight and pleasure than any other cultural journal I've subscribed to.

    In his small classic, "On Becoming a Novelist", the late John Gardner identified two "masks" found in writing: The bland optimism of "Pollyanna" writing, and equally false "dis-Pollyanna" writing-- a bias toward cynicism and iconoclasm, gratuitous use of violence, crude language or bodily images, and uninformed negativity passed off as seriousness. The "dis-Pollynna" school of culture and criticism gets its sham strength from its (ever diminishing)...

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