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Provides its readers with immediate access to startling developments in science, technology and medicine with a renewed emphasis on how those breakthroughs affect their world. The world is evolving faster than ever.

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Customer Reviews

    • Rating
    Science Lite

    I subscribe to or regularly purchase a large variety of magazines, in a wide range of subject matter, from the general interest/newsmagazines to specialty publications like 20/20 (optical trade) and Military History. If I had to get rid of them all & keep only one, I would keep Discover (although Smithsonian would be a close second).

    This magazine covers a wide range of science related articles in each issue in a lightweight, easy to understand manner. It is good light reading for people interested in science who are not scientists. It is also a good magazine for expanding your interests; the wide variety of not-in-depth articles can lead you...

    • Rating
    Simple, not simplistic

    The first photographs were made of asphalt.

    That's just one of the many things I have learned from Discover, and it is just one of the many reasons the magazine is the one to which I look forward most each month. The magazine's writers present their information clearly. And they cover a broad range of subjects, shedding light on everything from who we are (biology) to who we were (anthropology), from where we've been (archaeology) to where we will be (astrophysics).

    And although the magazine is dedicated to chronicling what humans know, its writers are quick to point out the limits of our knowledge and to present theories that are at odds...

    • Rating
    Discover the world around you

    I have interested in science for most of my life. Unfortunately, for most of my life so far, I haven't been able to read a whole lot about new findings and advancements because the technical jargon was too much for me. Imagine a 13 year old trying to read something from Scientific Frontiers. Well, it was about that time that I began reading Discover.

    Discover writes articles that just about anybody can read. They are informative, accurate, interesting, and put into Layman's terms. I have been subscribing to Discover for about five years and I have yet to get an issue that I didn't read cover to cover and not enjoy. Each issue is packed with...

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