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Rachael Ray Every Day

Every Day with Rachael Ray is a magazine that will bring you fun recipes and nearly fifteen staple columns in every issue. These irresistible columns include "Rach's Notebook", "Every Day Faves", "Wine Pairing", and "Yum," just to name a few! Rachael Ray, the charming and enthusiastic chef-next-door, is well known for her 30-minute-meal suggestions and this magazine always delivers those quick and easy recipes to its readers. If you're on a budget, don't worry; Every Day with Rachael Ray has got you covered with "Dinners for 10 Bucks (or Less)" in the monthly column known as the $10 Spot. Also known for entertaining, Rachael Ray provides her readers with creative tips and ideas on how to be the perfect host. Every Day with Rachael Ray makes cooking fun and hanging with friends even more delicious!

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Customer Reviews

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    Fun, glossy and very useful!

    After buying the first issue of Rachael Ray's new magazine I knew I would have to subscribe after only a few pages. Those pages were not only gorgeous and glossy, but chock full of fun facts, great shopping places for food and utensils, and of course tasty recipes that you do want to make. I have collected way too many cookbooks and food magazines that stand untouched because when it really boils down to it, its all about the food and some of those books and magazines did not deliver in the end. I have since bought some great cookbooks and pay more attention to what's inside then what's on the cover.

    Rachael's recipes are not pretentious, and...

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    the best cooking magazine out there!!!

    There is SO much in each issue of Everyday with Rachael Ray! This is really the best food magazine (and so much much more!) in a long time. It's just a shame it isn't every single month :)

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    Love for this Mag from a non-Rachael Fan!

    I admit, I have never watched more than 5 minutes of a Rachael Ray show, she is just too cute and too grating for my tastes. I wrote her off and avoided everything to do with her....Until...

    One Day at the Dentist's Office I picked up the magazine and flipped through it. Woah, I loved the recipes! I loved the time saving ideas! I also loved the reviews, travels, and other contents in the magazine. Now, I am a bona fide subscriber. Maybe I just could not handle Rachael's voice but her magazine is great and fits a busy persons lifestyle. I especially adore the tear out 7 day meal plan with grocery list. It makes meal planning a snap! I do substitute...

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