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Family Fun

FamilyFun magazine is for parents with children ages three to twelve. Family Fun is an idea book for all the exciting things families can do together. FamilyFun is the essential information source, offering creative activities, party plans, family travel, and learning projects.

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Customer Reviews

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    Family Fun offers lots of ideas for anyone!

    I adore this fun filled, activity packed magazine for families. There are many crafts for different ages and I like the articles too! I have only read the last three magazines as its a new subscription, but I can honestly say there's a lot to it. I thought I would share a few examples from the May 2000 issue with you so you can have a taste of what's so wonderful about Family Fun.

    Family Fun Home:
    These are ideas on how to make your home more attractive and appealing to the kids. I love the game table in the kids bedroom (where you arrange different items on a child's sized wooden table, apply/glue them on with a solution of glue and water with...

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    A Magazine For The Whole Family

    One of the most sought after chores at our household is, who gets to check the mail. I've had to make a list of whose it each day. One of the main reasons that everyone likes to get the mail (except for dear old dad cause all he gets are the bills) is to be the first one to get to read our Family Fun magazine.

    I subscribed for this magazine about four years ago when my son was selling magazine subscriptions for a fund raiser thru his school. With the first issue, we were all hooked. It includes regular articles such as the Mailbox, which is little tidbits sent in by customers about everything from crafts to past issue article responses, Review...

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    Aptly Named

    Never before have I seen a magazine so aptly named as Family Fun magazine. The names speaks for itself, really, but I guess I should tell you a little more about it.

    I distinctly remember receiving my first issue in the mail 3 years ago Christmas. I'm not one to sit down and read an entire magazine in one sitting, but Family Fun changed that for me. I eagerly await every month for my issue to arrive. I charge back to the house, ready to sit down for at least an hour of "Idea Search", as I call. The pages become dog-earred as I mark articles for later use. When I'm finished reading it, my son snatches it from my hands, embarking upon...

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