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Get make-up tips from the experts in blood and gore! Explore the horrific side of entertainment (movies, TV and books) and those who create it. Fangoria Magazine is the top publication in the field of horror and special effects make-up.

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    All You Need To Know About Current Horror Movies

    "Fangoria" Magazine is a publication produced totally for the horror movie lover. This magazine covers everything from straight to tape to mainstream release. From Japan to Australia, and right on back to the United States, this issue covers worldwide movies, all related to the horror genre. It's damn near impossible for any horror fan to dislike such a magazine because there's so much in depth coverage of the subject matter.

    Like all magazines, "Fangoria" is up to date with the industry, covering the new releases whether in theaters or on DVD. The reviews are actually fairly brief, and all the more so for straight to tape schlock. The features...

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    "Fangoria-My Bloodlust Is Alway's Satisfied""

    When I was a kid, I religiously collected the mother of all horror magazines..."Famous Monsters Of Filmland". In 1975, I went to a horror convention, hosted by "Famous Monsters". What an eye opener that was. I met Ingrid Pitt, from Hammer Films and Peter Cushing. What a thrill it was, to meet such wonderful people. From that point on, I was totally hooked, on anything horror. A special thanks, goes to "FM" editor in chief, Forrest J. Ackerman...for planting the seed, that has sprouted into an obsession. That publication, sadly became extinct and filling the void, was none other than "Fangoria".

    A magazine...

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    You can't GORE wrong!

    Fangoria is the premier horror related magazine! Everything there is to know about horror movies can be found somewhere in Fangoria!

    I have been a collector of this publication since I was very young! My walls used to be wallpapered with the pull-outs and pin-ups that came in each issue!

    When you want to know the 411 on any new horror movie you can always count on the fine folks at Fangoria to give it to you! I have heard about so many new horror movies through Fangoria!

    Along with keeping readers posted on upcoming releases, Fangoria does an excellent job of reporting on current and past releases too! With everything from interviews...

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