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Fast Company

Catch up with the groundbreaking pacesetters and innovative ideas that make the business world take off. Learn what makes businesses succeed. Find out how the best are thriving and how you can too. Fast Company is not your average conservative business magazine - it's business with an edge.

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Customer Reviews

    • Rating
    Undoubtedly the Best

    Every time I buy this magazine, I am so tempted to quit my job and created the ultimate company where people are free to express their opinions and are able to see their dreams turn into reality. Then I wake up. BUT, Fast Company really keeps you on your toes. There's one word for it: inspiring.

    Human beings are the highlight of each issue. There's loads of articles and sidebars about people and their perceptions about business. There is an emphasis on people with technology-related careers, but there are also blurbs about everyone from pocketbook designers to gardeners.

    Great for people who are starting a new business, managers/owners...

    • Rating
    Not just a magazine, a way of life

    It took me a while to figure out why I love Fast Company so much.

    I mean, it didn't take long to figure out it was very different from other publications -- the ones that focus on the personalities of business and finance or the transactions of business. I guess other business magazines had turned me off on the genre. Frankly, I don't give a rats whatever about who's merging with whom or anyone, and I mean anyone, who might be on the list of the richest people anywhere.

    Then a friend suggested that I read a particular article in Fast Company...It took me about a paragraph to realize I wasn't in Kansas anymore.

    This is a magazine about...

    • Rating
    Is it for you?

    I read this magazine because I needed some inspiration for my drab worklife. I am the Manager of New Media at a respectable Advertising Agency. But, I don't get out much and this magazine keeps me involved in the latest and greatest ways of doing business.

    The feature articles seem to revolve around a monthly theme. This month it is "Speed". Articles include How to avoid burnout, How to speed up your IPO. It also case studies a day in the life of some Silicon Valley families (which makes me think- thank God I don't work there). My favorite features are the tidbits on real working folks with their favorite links and creative "job titles...

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