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Flight Journal

Soaring above the clouds. That amazing, almost breathless feeling you get at the point of takeoff. Flight Journal is a magazine created expressly to capture the vital spirit, the drama and the evolution of man's winged adventure. Flight Journal is fashioned to bring that experience directly to readers and offer an unrivaled opportunity to explore the aviation adventure.

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Customer Reviews

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    I have been a subscriber for over a year now, and this relatively new periodical is one of the best aviation publications I have ever read. There are some very big aviaiton writers behind this magazine, and it shows. Each issue covers many facets of the world of flight, with a definite bend towrds military avaition. There are often wonderfull and riveting first-hand accounts from WWI, WWII, Veitnam, Korea, the Gulf War, and the war in the Balkans. Each issue features a "gallery" which is simply a photo essay profile of a given aircraft, usually current front line military hardware, that is always stunning. Some of the articles that I have really...

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    Very happy with this magazine.

    I agree with the previous review. High quality articles and photos of restored or found vintage aircraft. This magazine covers a wide range of aviation subjects. I love them all! Great read every month.

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    First Rate

    "Flight Journal" is a first rate aviation magazine which features well written articles on a wide range of aviation issues ranging from civil to military aircraft, aviation history and art, latest aircraft technology and vintage types, safety issues, among several other subjects. This makes the journal very appealing to a wide readership. Aviation enthusiasts will always look forward to the next issue of the journal as it is bound to come up with something new and enlightening, whether it is reports of restorations, some rare photographs or a feature on the latest jet fighter aircraft.

    However, some readers with only specialised areas...

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