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Florida Monthly

Focuses on Florida's history & heritage, outdoor activities, travel & vacations, food, dining, Florida's scenic beauty, greenways & trails, state parks, homes & gardens, & every other aspect of life & travel in Florida.

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Customer Reviews

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    Great Magazine

    I love this magazine. It has so much in it that you don't get anywhere else. The event lists are terrific. The magazine focuses on a town or area each month detailing what to see and do. It also spotlights a state park each month. These are things you don't get in any other magazine that I know of. It's the one magazine I read cover to cover each month.

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    Inspiration to travel and enjoy Florida!

    This is a great travel magazine for Florida. It has wonderful pictures and stories. I have learned much about places in Florida that I didn't even know existed and I have lived in Florida for over forty years! The magazine has inspired me to travel the state on the weekends and I have been to the most wonderful places! I have not been disappointed once!

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    Wonderful information

    I discovered this magazine a few months ago, thanks to a friend. It is wonderful! I've lived in Florida for 20 years, and they constantly let me know about fun places I've never even heard of, not to mention all the great history stories. I honestly never knew Florida could be so interesting, once you get past the stuff everyone knows about.

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