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The art of flute playing including interviews with classical and jazz flutists, performance guides on standard pieces in flute repertoire, and other flute related topics.

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Customer Reviews

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    Talkin' Good Flute Stuff!

    This magazine is a must have for all flute students who are even semi-serious about learning their instrument! I have subscribed to this magazine for more years than I can remember and it has never failed to have some juicy little tidbit to help me out in my practicing or in helping me udnerstand something about the music world.

    The Board of Advisors is an impressive list of professionals in the field some of whom regularly write columns. Kathlee Goll-Wilson and Michel Debost both have articles in every issue covering everything from fond memories to articulation and breathing problems to performance techniques.

    In each issue there is an...

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    Oh what can be said about this periodical, but I can talk about Flute Talk all day long! When I'm not playing my wood wind, or streaming some Native American Flute albums, I'm reading this magazine. Very informative, fun, and helpful! My E-Flat key was broken, and this held my hand as I stepped up the stairs that was fixing my flute! I give this FIVE STARS! A good gift for any aspiring blowers!

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    I LOVE Flute Talk Magazine

    If you're a flute-nut, you've got to get a subscription to Flute Talk. It has interesting articles about and by contemporary and past flute players - there are lots of cool ads and, well, it's generally just a flute-nut's periodical.

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