Reviews For Fur Fish & Game Magazine

The best for hunters

This magazine is one my favorites,I have been reading it all of my life.
They cover all aspects of ole time outdoorsmen. There is articles on
Fishing,deer hunting,bow hunting,rabbit hunting,coon hunting,sanging,
trapping. they do so much it would be hard to list it all. They list raw fur markets.They have at times serial stories about Charlie and his buddy,that is a great read. They have advertisers that sell down to earth products. Its impossible to tell how many responsible people grew up reading FUR-FISH-GAME. We live in a free country,we all need to realize
that we have came from different backgrounds and upbringings. We need to
learn that we can do different ways and still live in peace. WE need to realize that this is a great country. Hunting,fishing,FUR-FISH-GAME,USA
long may you survive !!!!!


Back to the simpler times

Fur-fish-game? What are these to us as Americans? The basis by which our ancestors lived? The reason for the great expansion west? I grew up reading many outdoor magazines this one included. The one that I read still to this day more often than all the other? Fur-fish-game. It has a broad view of topic as the name suggests. For those who like to trap it is one of the last publications out there with information.

Every time I turn around I hear some one talking about grass roots this or grass roots that. It does not matter if it is on the evening news, on a web site or in the news paper. Well I think that as far as grass roots goes Fur-fish-game is about as grass roots as you can get.

For those who love the outdoors and believe in conservation of our wildlife this is a must read.


My Favorite Magazine

Of all the great outdoor magazines on the market today, I give my nod to
Fur-Fish-Game as one outstanding publication. Written for sportsman by sportsman tells me this is not hype, just true facts. Stories written in
plain everyday language that we can all relate to. Don't get me wrong, I
enjoy all the other mags also but my money always goes first on this
publication. I have had a subscription for as long as I can remember to
this one and will have until the day I die. Where else could one find a
magazine that tells not only how to catch, shoot, trap, gather and lots of times even how to cook the results! Some great survival tips can be had also. Once again, my vote goes for this monthly publication. Its better
then snuff and not half as dusty!!


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