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Garden & Gun

A celebration of Southern lifestyle at its best. The great outdoors, food, style, history and travel. Garden & Gun offers a unique and special view of the South.

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Customer Reviews

    • Rating
    Awesome magazine!

    I am a strictly Southern Accents, Traditional Home, Southern Living type of girl, so I surprised myself by picking up Garden and Gun while I was having my hair done. Even more to my surprise, I loved it, so much so that I ordered a subscription. Garden and Gun is a portrait of Southern life at its stereotypes here, thank goodness. It has all the decorating, gardening, and cooking features that I look for in my favorite magazines, as well as articles I would never normally read but find fascinating. Who knew that this anti-hunting gal would enjoy an article on Davis Love's hunting cabin? Or would read with enthusiasm an article on famous race...

    • Rating
    Come on! This is NOT a hunting magazine....

    This is a top of the line literary magazine with attractions for both men and women. The writing is top notch professional. There are articles on shotguns, knives, gardening, homes and cooking, all slanted toward those who live or have lived in the southern United States. You WILL not understand nor like this magazine if you are north of Virginia or west of Texas. You will NOT like this magazine if you are on a deer stand the first day of deer season and love it. You will NOT like this magazine if you are an anti-gun liberal, although it is a non-political publication. You WILL like this magazine if you like good literature and want information about good...

    • Rating
    The New SOUTHERN way of LIVING.

    This is a great quality magazine, I do wish it was 12 issues rather than 6. This mag encapsulates the south the way the other mag used to and more. I haven't become a lifetime subscriber yet, but may if it becomes 12 issues a year. My new Favorite Southern Magazine.

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