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Green Lantern

Kyle Rayner, a freelance New York City artist, now weild the Green Lantern power ring. The Green Lantern power ring makes Kyle Rayner one of the most powerful heroes on Earth.

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Customer Reviews

    • Rating
    Another classic Green Lantern

    First of all I dont know how long that other writer has been reading Comics but I've been a fan going on 40 yrs. This edition of the Green Lantern(and I've seen them all) is a thrilling masterpiece filled with terrific artwork&coloring capped off with a great storyline. As far as that other writers comments on Superman..Always Remember..He(Superman) was the first..and he'll always be the King dude!,any TRUE Comicon ( a personally penned term for a true "Connoisseur" of comics not simply a "Johnny come lately") would know this fact! As a collector of Comics for decades(and like fine wine I'm getting tastier&better as time strolls on..ironic,same as my comic...

    • Rating
    Why Green Lantern Would Beat-Up Superman In A Fair Fight

    First, GL was chosen to be Earth's savior rather than have this role forced on him by his parents. He earned it, and, therefore, deserves to win. Second, GL has no super-powers of his own but must rely on his imagination and creativity to "will" solutions to the challenges he faces. How much imagination does it take to stop a bullet by standing in front of it? I'll tell you how much. It's a lot less than it takes to "will" a giant green flyswatter and command it to smack the bullet to the ground. So GL is clearly smarter than Superman, and would win. Third, GL is associated with the color green, but Superman with the color red, for example,...

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