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Handwoven is a weaver's constant companion. Published five times a year for more than 20 years, each issue offers a stunning collection of enticing projects. But the magazine is so much more than that: it's a textile travelogue, pattern book, and weave structure textbook, it's a place to discover new patterns, learn to create original designs, and find solutions to weaving challenges. Handwoven

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Customer Reviews

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    Sonja the weaver

    This magazine is great! It gives ideas, articles, and all in all, something which gives you the sence of connection with the weaving world and the weavers worldwide.

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    Great projects

    Projects galore for 4 to 6 shafts, and then 8 shafts. Rigid Heddle only (sadly) has only one project for it per issue. I would love more info dedicated to the rigid heddle/ knitters loom. But the magazine has great articles on everything fiber, to setting up your studio. Another Interweave publication.

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