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Herb Companion

The Herb Companion is celebrating 20 years of dedication to the interests of herb enthusiasts. The magazine celebrates the usage of herbs and the important roles they play in our lives. The articles in The Herb Companion focus on the advantages of including herbs in our diet and how to use these natural ingredients in our everyday recipes. Article topics include and range from how to brew the perfect cup of herbal tea to how to cultivate a garden for people who love herbs. Learn the tricks of the trade from well-respected chefs, gardeners, and crafters.

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Customer Reviews

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    Hooray! The mail is in

    I look forward to the delivery of The Herb Companion more than any other magazine. This is the ultimate herb guide. It doesn't matter whether you are into medicinal or culinary herbs this magazine has it all. The Herb Companion is one magazine I read from cover to cover...including the advertisements. I find myself searching the internet to read more about each advertiser. This doesn't happen with many publications. They have a great question and answer section. Every issue features many excellent recipes. And, they really give you indepth tips on growing and harvesting herbs. This is not your average gardening's a must for anyone...

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    My Day of Enlightenment!

    Many times since the day I was seventeen years old I have suffered a tremendous amount of mental illness in my life. I am now forty-two. I have been diagnosed from one thing to another trying to find answers to what can cure me. Finally about eight years ago I was given my latest diagnosis of bi-polar Disorder. I would have to say that I was bi-polar in the worst sense of it's definition. I was even at the point of suicide on several occasions. One time even in my life I underwent twenty-three shock treatments, hypnosis, many Sodium Amytol Interviews, Psychotherapy, Drug Therapy. Over the course of my life since seventeen I had taken as many as thirty-two...

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    great magazine for herb lovers

    I've been a subscriber for many years and this mag. never gets stale. Always something new on herbs and their usage. I highly recommend it.

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