Reviews For Horse & Rider Magazine

Real Horse Info

If you are looking for a Horse magazine full of articles and not ads this is the one for you. We have been getting H&R for 2 years and will keep getting it.The articles are good for western show,western pleasure, and good sound training tips; for anyone that wants to enjoy their horse with out a fight.

love this magazine

i ride english mostly but i still find really great riding and training tips as well as health information in this magazine. ive read it the past three years and love every issue.

Great information for horse lover's

This magazine covers all types of horse information that is applicable for every rider. It has been a wonderful resource for me over the years and it has good stories as well.

Good Horsey Information!

This magazine has good articles and diverse interesting topics. Also good advertising and classifieds in the back for gifts and other great horse items.


This is a great magazine. I'm primarily an english rider but the articles and training information is great. My favorite part is the conformation where they show you 3 horses and explain why each horse is judged based on conformation criteria. Its really interesting and has helped me understand how the design of a horse truly affects the way they ride.