Reviews For Interweave Crochet Magazine

They always have at least 3 things I want to make!

I am young and rather picky, but I can always find something to please my eye and needle wtih this magazine. The clothing patterns don't look hideous and boxy. I think that Interweave does a good job with it's offerings. I also like "Crochet Today!" by Future Publications. I think that between the both of them I always have more that I want to do than I have time for. IC is a magazine with a focus on patterns with a classic, but trendy and modern appeal. CT! is a fun look at the possibilities of crochet (such as, amigurumi)and an updated twist on older patterns with modern appeal. The two together give me so much to do that I never complete it all, but I love to look. CT! has more small scale projects and IC has a larger selection of non-craft items.