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Similar to its sister publication Ebony, Jet magazine aims to provide the latest news and interest-related content for the African American community. Published in small digest-sized format, Jet is a convenient, fun read and is perfect for the on-the-go readers. Weekly publication makes the content of Jet extremely fresh and relevant. The magazine covers an array of topics ranging from politics and education to style and popular culture. With fashion and beauty tips along with dating advice, health guides and diet tips, Jet encourages readers to be the best they can be in all aspects of life. Issues spotlight the latest entertainment news, keeping you up-to-date on new releases in music, movies and books. Read up on TV show and CD reviews with Jet's expert editorial team. Packed with information, celebrity profiles and reader-shared stories, Jet magazine is the ultimate black news magazine.

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Customer Reviews

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    For the Everday Rider

    A fantastic magazine for the every day rider. None of that increase your cadence or how to climb hills stuff that you find in other mags (cough...Bicycling Magazine...cough).
    Chock full of useful reviews, stories and tips for the utility cyclist and commuter. Color coordinated spandex Lance Armstrong wannabes need not apply.
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    Love this bike 'zine

    I lived in Pittsburgh for a little over a year to start my career in the early 80s, and rode my bike only a few times, because it was an extremely bike unfriendly area. Not even close to any room on the side of the roads for bikes, no lines, worst potholes and general condition of roads I had ever seen. Roads there are probably still not good by good road standards. But, I was amazed to find out this amgazine is based there. Seems like they have lots of events and culture there now, which is way cool. A friend who has been there recently on business says there are bike paths. I love the different vibe and commuter based info. Even though I don't commute,...

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