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Kids Discover

Your six-to-12-year-old kids will be entertained immeasurably by the fact-filled, educational, full-color Kids Discover Magazine. Each issue covers a single topic in nature, science, geography, history or man-made wonders.

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Customer Reviews

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    Get it from your local library!!

    I have been searching for a good magazine for my kids, and this is by far the best I have seen. The articles are in depth, and the pictures and photos are very high quality. Best of all - there is no ads to confuse your kids!! Since I read so many bad billing reviews about this magazine, I decided to get it from my local library. Again, this is a GREAT magazine you don't want your kids to miss!!

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    Excellent resource for young and old.

    Beautifully done, Kids Discover issues are packed with information on one specific subject (ie: volcanoes, the Civil War...). My daughter is 8 and a good student. She uses these magazines as reference texts more than as casual reading material. I think these magazines would be enjoyed most by parents and students between the ages of 10 to 14.

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    Great alternative to National Geograpic Kids magazine!

    If you're tired of the ads in NG Kids, check out Kids Discover! It's full of great articles, instead of commercials. This content rich magazine is a favorite in our house.

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