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Help your children aged two to six discover the delights of reading. Ladybug helps trigger that good habit at an early age, enticing children with its beautiful, colorful and very readable stories. Each issue contains delightful characters, games and stories.

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Customer Reviews

    • Rating
    "Ladybug" is perfect for young children

    I recently bought for my daughters "Ladybug" magazine on a recent shopping trip at the local book store and I must say I wasn't disappointed! I wanted to buy one first to see what it was like before I subscribed but I also wanted to make sure my children would like it as well.

    This magazine has short stories, poems, games and many other fun activities for children to do. My two daughters, ages 4 and 6 years old absolutely love it and I fully intend on subscribing as soon as possible.

    As a parent, I particularly liked it because it's something to do rather then watching T.V. all the time and many of the poems' pages you can gently...

    • Rating
    Lady Bug Magazine -Award Winner

    This is a fantastic magazine for the preschool set. It's range of stories will appeal to kids from 2-6 (it adds a little spice to the bedtime reading routine). Because there is a continuing group of characters from issue to issue, my kids look forward to the next adventure with (Mop, Julie, Justin) them. This is a big plus for Ladybug. It's content is excellent with contributions from some of our favorite authors and illustrators. The magazine is filled with songs and poems in addition to the stories. Plus games and activities (for example in the November issue it teaches your child/you how to do a Turkey finger play to create a shadow on the wall...

    • Rating
    Good for Kids

    We subscribe to this magazine for my three year old daughter. I feel it is a great learning tool for toddlers and brings them a good source of entertainment away from the T.V.
    The magazine is filled with stories, songs, poetry, and even has a section to learn how to write certain letters.
    Conveniently enough, the issue that came out the month I had my baby actually had stories to teach kids how to deal with a new brother or sister in the house.
    They have songs that I remember singing when I was small and I enjoy teaching these songs to my daughter.
    They also include a sales "catalog" with every issue that has educational toys...

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