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Life & Style Weekly

Life & Style weekly magazine covers the latest happenings in Hollywood from fashion trends to celebrity gossip. Also find fashion, beauty, lifestyle trends and shopping guides in each issue of Life & Style Weekly magazine.

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Customer Reviews

    • Rating
    I love my life and style weekly!

    I have read other mags like OK, Star, US Weekly, and they all do a good job of covering celebrity gossip, but Life & Style Weekly focuses more on celebrity style and fashion, which I LOVE. And they tell you how to get the celebrity look for less. By far my favorite magazine out of all the tabloid mags.

    • Rating
    Same as most other magazines, but a little different

    If you are already familiar with gossip magazines such as People, US Weekly, In Touch, etc., you may have seen this or even picked up a copy of it at the newsstand. And, while this magazine focuses a little bit more on clothing choices and lifestyles of celebrities, it still has the makings of a gossip magazines. These include up-to-minute news on who's pregnant, married, going out, etc., along with movie, TV, and celebrity news, plus the occasional important news story, although that is really rare.

    I personally like Life & Style for its fashion coverage; they do a great job of detailing celebrity looks and how you can get them for less. As...

    • Rating
    this magazine is horrible

    i hate this magazine. it always comes late, if at all. i don't have any problems with the other magazines i subscribe to. buyer beware!

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