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Mad Magazine

Founded in 1952, Mad is a humor magazine that has had its dedicated readers laughing for over 50 years. This publication is the leading of its kind in offering satirical content on all aspects of the American public, in areas such as popular culture, entertainment, prominent figures, and politics. You can recognize Mad by its fictional mascot, Alfred E. Neuman, which is most often the central image of the magazine's cover page. Every issue is formatted into several reappearing departments that include hysterical TV and movie parodies, as well as unforgettable freeform-written articles. Now published in color and in over 20 countries, Mad magazine has also extended its brand into different media including stage shows, board games, and television. Graydon Carter, a revered American journalist and author, has described Mad magazine as "ever ready to pounce on the illogical, hypocritical, self-serious and ludicrous."
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  1. My Kind Of Humor
    I love this magazine. I have been reading it since I was a kid, and I still enjoy it. I strongly believe that I developed my warped sense of humor from years of reading. This magazine is for people who don't take life too seriously, so if you're anal retentive and boring, then you won't like it at all. As a matter of fact,, you'll claim it's stupid. But thats okay,, we understand that not everyone can understand the humor behind it.

    The writers and artists for the magazine do a great job of making light of everything that is out there in the world today. If it's ever been popular or newsworthy, there's a satire for it somewhere in the archives...
  2. America's best cultural magazine? Am I "Mad?"
    I'm sure everyone remembers their first issue of Mad Magazine. It was odd, uproariously funny, and immature enough for everyone. My first issue was when I was about twelves, when my mom bought me an issue to read at the orthopedic surgeon's office (I had broken my arm about a week prior). However, I'm no kid anymore (or so the judge tells me). I'm a college student, looking to become a professional teacher, and I'm a respected reviewer for this website. How can I like something as immature as Mad?

    Simply put, Mad is the most dead-on entertainment magazine available. Through a combination of peurile humor, self-deprication, excellent art, and...
  3. A MAD-Gone World
    "MAD" Magazine is one of the funniest and one of the most successful humor magazines ever. It has been around in newstands, bookstores, convenient stores, and grocery stores all over for many generations now, and it has been a very big seller at each of those places. Millions of people have been subscribing to "MAD" as well, only to make their sales a lot higher and make this an even more successful magazine. There are even a lot of libraries that have "MAD" on their magazine racks, to where people are frequently checking it out there as well. It might seem that "MAD" is everywhere that they keep varieties of magazines,...

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